Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up to Notes9?
You can sign up here.

Is it free?
Yes, but a free account is limited to 5 folders (not including the bin) and 50 notes. You can give £6 per year (that's 50p a month) to help pay for hosting and have this limit substantially increased.

If I pay £6 per year to help with server costs what are the limits?
100 folders and 1000 notes currently (Debating a higher tier, with 10000 notes as some people have suggested this).

What features does Notes9 have?
- Auto-saving plain text notes for Windows, desktop web and mobile web
- Dedicated task lists, with task details and priorities.
- Windows application with full offline ability (will sync when reconnects)
- Search
- Restore old versions of notes
- Undo / Redo in notes
- Pinned items
- Duplicate items
- Bin (keeps notes for 30 days)
- Automatic hyperlink detection
- Move items between folders
- Nested folders
- Sort item lists alphabetically or by last updated date
- Extract / backup all items to a zip file to download
- Save note / task list to file (PC Client)
- Public API

Does it have a facebook page?
Yes, it's here: Notes9 FB page.

What are the limits on the various items?

Character limit per note 10000
Folder name character limit 50
Task List name character limit 50
Task item character limit 1000
Task item detail character limit 5000
Task item source field character limit 100

Why did you develop this?
I used to use Simplenote a lot but:
- I had concern over funding (no adverts and no premium model).
- I prefer a folder approach instead of a 'tags' approach.
- I wanted hyperlinks to be clickable without writing any markup.
- No API anymore
I equally tried Evernote but:
- I wanted a faster interface (even with the new Google Cloud platform, it doesn't speed along as much as I would like).
- Too expensive for the lowest premium version and the free version now has a 2 device limit.
Google Keep is nearly there but:
- No API (for a PC client).

Which browsers is Notes9 compatible with?
It should hopefully be compatible with others, but technically:
- Google Chrome (latest version)
- Opera (latest version)
- Internet Explorer 11
- Edge
- iOS Safari
- Android Google Chrome

What requirements does the Windows application have?
For the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5:
- Windows Vista SP2 and above

How can I get support?
Click here to contact me

Does it have an API?
Yes, please visit this page for a link to the API documentation.

How secure is Notes9?
Notes9 uses a secure HTTPS connection and does hash and salt your password in the database. Please note we don't store your actual password, if you lose it, you must use the forgotten password system to set it to a new password. Although the database is secure, your notes are not encrypted in the database in order to implement a fast search engine. You should not use Notes9 as a password store for example - it is designed for taking notes.

What plans do you currently have for future development?
I might do all the following, I might not. The higher towards the top of the list, the more likely they are to happen.
- Note colours
- Auto update PC Client
- Email user when login somewhere new
- Reminders
- Share folder with another user
- Android / iOS client
- Tags (as well as folders!)