Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I sign up to Notes9?
You can sign up here.

Is it free?
Yes, but a free account is limited to 5 folders (not including the bin) and 50 notes. You can give £6 per year (that's 50p a month) to help pay for hosting and have this limit substantially increased.

If I pay £6 per year to help with server costs what are the limits?
100 folders and 1000 notes currently (Debating a higher tier, with 10000 notes as some people have suggested this).

What features does Notes9 have?
- Auto-saving plain text notes for Windows, desktop web and mobile web
- Windows application with full offline ability (will sync when reconnects)
- Search
- Restore old versions of notes
- Undo / Redo
- Pinned notes
- Duplicate notes
- Bin (keeps notes for 30 days)
- Preview notes (with automatic hyperlink detection) and then click to edit.
- Move notes between folders
- Sort note lists alphabetically or by last updated date
- Extract / backup all notes to a zip file to download
- Public API

Does it have a facebook page?
Yes, it's here: Notes9 FB page.

What is the maximum note length?
10,000 characters currently, I may increase this in the future based on usage. It is designed as a note taking app and not a novel writing app.

Why did you develop this?
I used to use Simplenote a lot but:
- I had concern over funding (no adverts and no premium model).
- The syncing hasn't been perfect over the last year or two.
- I prefer a folder approach instead of a 'tags' approach.
- I wanted hyperlinks to be clickable without writing any markup.
- No API anymore
I equally tried Evernote but:
- I wanted a faster interface (even with the new Google Cloud platform, it doesn't speed along as much as I would like).
- Too expensive for the lowest premium version and the free version now has a 2 device limit.
Google Keep is nearly there but:
- No API (for a PC client).

Which browsers is Notes9 compatible with?
It should hopefully be compatible with others, but technically:
- Google Chrome (latest version)
- Opera (latest version)
- Internet Explorer 11
- Edge
- iOS Safari
- Android Google Chrome

What requirements does the Windows application have?
For the Microsoft .NET Framework v4.5:
- Windows Vista SP2 and above

How can I get support?
Click here to contact me

Does it have an API?
Yes, please visit this page for a link to the API documentation.

How secure is Notes9?
Notes9 uses a HTTPS connection and does hash and salt your password in the database. Your notes are not encrypted in the database in order to implement a fast search engine. You should not use Notes9 as a password store for example - it is designed for taking notes.

What plans do you currently have for future development?
I might do all the following, I might not. The higher towards the top of the list, the more likely they are to happen.
- Print notes
- iOS and Android apps
- [Security] Per note encryption (so that individual notes could be encrypted in the database but may not be searchable).
- [Security] Email user when logged in anywhere new
- Share a folder with another user
- Email a note
- Tags (as well as folders!)